Welcome Learners!

This is your time, and you are worth it!

If you would like to enroll in our one- to- one adult literacy program, there are three ways you can schedule an orientation today.
1. call us at 313-635-4549
2. send an email to info@allsaintsliteracy.org or
3. Stop by the Center, Find our address in the footer

In-person Learning

Step One – Student Orientation

  • Program Outline
  • Goal Setting
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Make an appointment for assessment

Step Two – Assessment

  • Registration Form
  • Reading Appraisal

Step Three – Agreement

  • Skills Evaluation
  • Participant Agreement
  • Schedule individual instructional session

Online Learning

Step One – Call ASLC to schedule Orientation (313) 635-4549

Step Two – Attend Orientation:

  • Learn program requirements
  • Learner expectations 
  • Oral Assessment 
  • Written Assessment

Step Three – Online CASAS Assessment

  • Complete Learner Agreement Form

Step Four – You will be automatically enrolled in our Digital Learning Program until you are matched with a tutor.

Step Five – Meet weekly with your tutor via Zoom using the curriculum provided by the Center

Track Your Progress

As you work with your tutor, you will begin to see progress in your ability to read, write, speak and do math. Your goals are reviewed and adjustments are made to your learning plan in order for you to achieve success.